Mole Garden – Flower Plumber

Google Play:

Mole Garden, a Special Simple Funny Flower Plumber Game. 

Found ourselves in the Mole Garden. Help Moles build a fairyland of beautiful flowers and sweet odors. 

*** FEATURES ***
◆ Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play.
◆ Easy to Start, Fun to play, Tough to master!
◆ 3 Different Game Modes with Great Fun!
◆ Flower Quest - Collect 20 Kinds of Flowers!
◆ Reclaim Mole Garden, Build a Fairyland of Beautiful Flowers!
◆ Screenshots Share, Show your beautiful Garden to your friends!

*** How to Play ***
◆ Story Mode
- Click to rotate the pipes.
- Connect to the lake and make flowers bloom.
- Make All flowers bloom to win the level! 

◆ Casual & Challenge Mode
- Make the flowers bloom to get scores and reclaim wasteland in Mole Garden.
- Reclaim all wasteland to win the level.
- Time limited in Challenge Mode. 

◆ Special Pipes
- Make 2 flowers bloom to create SPECIAL pipes.
- Make 4 flowers bloom to create SUPER pipes.
- Make 6 flowers bloom to create HYPER pipes.
- Eliminate special pipes to double your scores.

Go and have a challenge!

Marbles Go – Classic Childhood Game

Download for IOS:
Download for Android:

Marbles Go is a funny marbles game(cf. darts, skittles, bowls). Classic, Simple, Addictive, Enjoyable Childhood Game. Kids love it. Bring You Back to The Joy of Old Classic Childhood Game. 

*** FEATURES ***
◆ Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play.
◆ Easy to Start, Fun to play, Tough to master!
◆ 5 Different Game Modes with Great Fun!
◆ Aim, Shoot, And Win in all Levels!

*** How to Play ***
◆ Marbles Classic:
- Click on one of the red marbles and hold down
- Drag to adjust the direction and strength of shooting
- Release held to shoot
- Get all yellow marbles off the board to win

◆ Marbles Maze: Move All Marbles to the goal by gravity sensing.
- Locked marbles, shoot it to unlock.
- Dampening Field will dampen the marbles velocity.
- Smooth Field will increase the marbles velocity.
- Hole will remove marbles from game. 

◆ Marbles Bubble: Shoot down all marbles to pass the level.
- Yellow marbles will break with one Shooting.
- Blue marbles will decrease the marbles velocity.
- Red marbles will increase the marbles velocity.
- Shooting down three marbles by one shooting will get 1 extra marble.

◆ Marbles Billiards: Marbles Billiard sports game of Snooker.
Score more points than the opponent by potting object balls in a predefined order. First red ball and colours, then yellow (2 points), green (3 points), brown (4 points), blue (5 points), pink (6 points) and finally black (7 points). 

◆ Marbles Hunt:
Pay some marbles to have the opportunity to gain a huge reward.

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Frog Jump – Bouncy Time

Classic. Simple. Addictive. Enjoyable. Kids love it, also for you.

Frog Jump 2 - Bouncy Time HD

Frog Jump - Save the Frog Prince

Meet The Frog Prince from the neighbor river. He need to Collect all those lotus leaves and stars to metamorphose back to a prince. Can you help him ?

How to Play:
- Tap the lotus leaf to control Frog Prince to jump vertically and horizontally.
- Frog Prince can jump forward, or jump to left or right, but can't jump backwards.
- When The Frog Prince moves, the lotus leaf and star underfoot are collected.
- Different lotus leaves have different effects.
- Make your perfect way to help Frog Prince collect all lotus leaves.

- 4 Worlds With 80 Levels ! More Worlds & Levels is coming soon !
- Easy to Start, Fun to play, Tough to master!
- Bouncy, Jumping, Collecting, Test your intelligence!
- Simple lotus leaf, Moving lotus leaf, Portal lotus leaf and many more special Elements!
- Pillars, Bridges and switches and many more funny items!
- Be a daily player to get more free stars!
- And many, many more

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Go and have a challenge!

Jewels Hunter

*** Very addictive Jewels eliminating game with lot of creative fun. ***

Jewels Matching - Dora Saga HD

Jewels Hunter 2 - Save Dora HD

Jewels Hunter with Space science fiction theme is coming ! It has more interesting modes which are different from the similar games on the market. Try Jewels Hunter now! 

*** How to Play ***
- Touch the jewels to eliminate them.
- At least eliminate 3 jewels each time.
- Eliminate 6 jewels to create SUPER jewel.
- Eliminate 10 jewels or more to create HYPER jewel.
- The more jewels eliminated , the more scores you get.

*** FEATURES ***
★ Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play.
★ Easy to learn, Fun to play, Tough to master.
★ 3 different game modes with great fun:
- Infinite Mode
- Challenge Mode
- Puzzle Mode
★ Infinite Mode:
- Get More Score to level up, Jewels will fill full the screen automatically.
★ Challenge Mode:
- Jewels will fill the screen in a given time. Once the jewels fill full the screen , you will fail in this level.
★ Puzzle Mode
- Help Dora escape danger! Dora can't move on his own, so click on sets of 3 jewels or more to clear a path to the exit. Create Super or Hyper jewels for popping big sets of jewels and solving the puzzle early.
★ More Funny Special Jewels in Puzzle Mode:
- Arrows Jewels make you move
- Ice Jewels is slippery
- Stone Jewels can't break
- Prism Jewels can change colors
- Watch out for those Death Jewels
- Jump form Teleporter Jewels to Teleporter Jewels
- Make your way between those blocks to find the exit before the timer runs down.
★ Screenshots Share function
- Share your game screenshots to your friends by Facebook. 

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Snake Classic

Android Version Download

Totally Addicted Yourself into old classic Snake game ?  Wallow in nostalgia for old school snake from old phones ?

Snake Classic will Bring You Back to The Joy of Old Classic Snake, and have more game Elements, have more fun . And It is also as addictive as the original snake!

With in-game achievements, Nice UI and animation, Easy operation, 2 game modes( Classic Mode and Immortal Mode ), 4 worlds with 64 levels, 5 difficulty settings With 90 Snakes, Snake Classic is the best classic snake game, addictive fun !

How to Play:
* Touch screen to control the snake, turn in Arbitrary direction.
* Collect food on each level to progress the game.
* Collect as many food as you can to increase extra bonus and chance to get more kinds of snakes.
* In Classic Mode, The snake dies if it touches walls or its own tail.
* In Immortal Mode, You will get a random snake playing in a random level with random difficulty setting . And the snake will not die .
* Total 4 worlds with 64 levels , you can get 90 kinds of snakes in 5 difficulty settings( Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard). All player can have a challenge in Dm Snake !
* Every snake have its owner skill. They can increase extra bonus and chance to get Special snake.

* Download Recommand game can earn more snakes.
* Get free snakes every day.


Android 版本

完全沉迷到以前经典的贪吃蛇游戏?Snake Classic会带你进入经典贪吃蛇的世界,并且有更多的游戏元素, 更多的游戏玩法,更多的游戏乐趣。

漂亮的UI和动画,简易操作,2种游戏模式(经典模式和不朽模式),4个世界级大关卡,64个小关卡,5种游戏难度,90种不同功能的蛇,Snake Classic将是最好贪吃蛇游戏!

* 点击屏幕控制蛇的转向,可以转向任意方向!
* 收集足够的食物,以进入下一个的游戏。
* 收集尽可能多的食物,获得额外的奖励并有机会获得更多特殊种类的蛇。
* 在经典模式,如果碰到墙壁或自己的尾巴,蛇会死掉。
* 在不朽模式,你会得到一条随机的蛇在随机的关卡和难度下游戏。蛇是不会死的。
* 共有4个世界级大关卡,64个小关卡,你可以得到90种蛇,5种难度设置(非常简单,简单,普通,难,非常难)。在Snake Classic,所有玩家都有自己的挑战!
* 每种蛇都拥有其特殊功能。他们可以增加额外的奖金,并提高获得特殊蛇的几率。

* 下载推荐游戏介绍可以赚取更多的蛇。
* 每天可以获得免费的蛇。

Tribal Saviour

Android Market:

Iphone  Apple Store:

20 Exciting Levels,  10 Creative Buildings, 16 Trophies for you to collect, Incredible gameplay,

Fantastic storyline, Travel to the Tribes World! You will be the Saviour of Tribes World!

Playing the game(Tribal Saviour) on Metro. Suddenly,fall into the Tribes World. And wake up as the

Tribal Saviour! You need to rule a primitive tribe,  bring them the civilization, Free the tribe

from the oppressive domination of Barbarian, and find the way to return to your own world.

* Connect 3 simple objects together to create a more valuable object: Connect 3 Seeds to create

saplings. Connect 3 saplings to create Woods. Connect 3 Woods to create Shacks. And so on.
* You will get a simple object in the refreshing board, Using it to build your tribes world: Put

them on an open square, If there are more than 3 same object around here,  they will be connected

together to create more valuable object.
* Barbarian sometimes appear. They move around,  prevent you from building where you want and

destroy your seeds. You need to Trap them: Trap a Barbarian and it turns into a Barbarian woody

prison. Trap many Barbarians to create Barbarian stone prison, Barbarian Farm, and finally get

Barbarian Treasure Chest.
* Bombs can clean any objects in the land, including Barbarians and rock. Note: Cann’t use bombs in

the open square.
* Magic Wand can replace any objects in connecting. Note: If Magic Wand is placed without connecting

, it will be changed to a rock.
* You can use honour value to buy some objects in shop. And use it when you are in danger.
* You can use Storage to store items such as Magic Wand. And use it in High quality connecting.
* Getting more advanced objects by minimum number of steps, will earn more extra honour bonus.
* Build your Tribe larger to have more population. You will share your population in global rank!

Go and have a challenge!


Android 版本:

Iphone 版本:

20 道扣人心弦的关卡。 10 种建筑,由你建造。 16 个奖杯,供你收集。
穿越到部落世界, 你就是部落世界的救世主!

玩个游戏也会穿越? 是的!
回到部落世界当达人! 你需要规划管理你的部落,带给他们文明,保护你的部落不受野蛮人的侵犯,找到回到现实的方法。

# 将3个相邻的相同物体合成一个高级物体: 3个种子合成1个树苗,3个树苗合成1片树林,3个树林合成1个窝棚, 以此类推直到合成最终的隐藏物品。
# 在顶部的方格里会刷新出各种物品或者道具, 使用这些来建设你的部落。
# 有时候会出现野蛮人,他们随意移动,扰乱你的规划,你需要抓捕他们,然后驯化,驯化之后他们会献上珍贵的野蛮人宝箱。
# 炸弹可以清除任意物品,包括野蛮人和石头,但不能对空地使用。
# 魔棒可以取代任意物品参与合成,这是不可多得的宝贝。
# 可以从商店购买到部分物品,关键时刻能够救你一命。
# 最多可以拥有5格仓库,你可以临时放置物品。比如,你可以先存下魔棒,等合成高级物品时再使用。
# 以最少的步数,合成更高级的物品,完成关卡之后,可以获得更丰厚的额外奖励。
# 积攒你的部落人口数量,参与世界排名,冠军就是你的。


Domino Drops

Android Market


This is a very interesting puzzle game . A great challenge to your logical thinking ability .  

Domino Drops is coming !

We start with 10 drops in our tank.  Click on each bubble to increase its size until it  burst.
The bursted bubble will hit and fill the other bubble around it .
Try to get the chain reaction as long as possible to earn more points and extra drops .
Each time you achieve a chain of 3 explosions you get 1 extra drop.
At the end of each level you can get another extra drop ,
and if it ends with a single explosion , you can get the perfect bonus and 2 extra drops.

So let's start our game,  How many level can you clear ?

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